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My question is how to overcome the feeling of heat that occurs when this idea is applied in the tropics? Due to the material of the metal would absorb heat from the sun. Actually, with the installation of air conditioning can overcome the heat, but this is not a good solution considering stimulate now being “environmentally friendly”.

This house in Marseille was designed by architects Claire Helene Drouin and Jean Marie Sanchez and made out of 15 shipping containers. Built into a cliff the house has views of the port and looks like a modern building for the most part.

Total cost to build this 4 story container castle? Not counting the solar/wind power system is about $207k

Key features: Pasadena-based design-builder Kubed Living recently opened its first showroom this past March in Sierra Madre, California, and is selling two different models made from recycled shipping containers: A one-bedroom made from two 20-foot containers and a 160-square-foot studio dwelling made from a single container.

Theres also bank loan difficulty and approval expenses and potential resale issues.. check out this sitio and the videos before jumping into things. I do want to build one and am investigating it but its not magic.. Reply

The bottom layer shipping container contains a bathroom and a bedroom. Not entirely unique considering we have seen an entire house on wheels but they added elements that definitely put forth a wow factor, including a bathroom with a shower that has no doors around it, giving their guests freedom to walk around and not feel cramped while showering. Another wow factor is the drop down bed that, again, offers more space if needed.

These beautiful compact houses may be the only way for some to own a piece of property but regardless of their size they can be made into pretty livable homes. Modern shipping container homes are quite flexible when it comes to extensions and all kinds of expansions.

Each Montainer shipping container home comes with this page appliances and upgrades like wood floors, big windows, and the option to choose from bright exterior paint colors. [More info]

Well that’s it for this section. If you’d like to see more designs, then please let us know in the comments, and I’ll create some more.

It’s funny, you show 12 examples and I hate every single one of them. They all try to disguise or dress up the shipping container to make it “acceptable.” Whatever happened to honesty in design?

This incredible house in Brisbane found on Inhabitat was designed by Todd Miller of ZieglerBuild. Made out of 31 stacked shipping containers the house is partially clad with wood and looks like a luxurious modern residence.

Oleg says: July 17, 2015 at 1:13 pm Fantastic solution, I will build one privet house from containers for sure. It is interesting how looks like the join on the roof between two containers and how you provide waterproofing and weir. May I ask you to send me some details on the roof, for wall openings, other complex details etc?

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Did you have a good experence with container build group? We are looking at using them or have you heard of any other companies in australia you may suggest?

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